The EFQM Excellence Model

The EFQM Excellence Model is the most widely used organisational framework in Europe where it has become the basis for the majority of national and regional Excellence Awards as well as the European Excellence Award (EEA).

There are three key aspects of the model:

The fundamental concepts of excellence

  • Achieving Balanced Results
  • Adding Value for Customers
  • Leading with Vision, Inspiration and Integrity
  • Managing by Processes
  • Succeeding through People
  • Nurturing Creativity and Innovation
  • Building Partnerships
  • Taking Responsibility for a Sustainable Future

The model framework

9 criteria and 32 sub-criteria to address in order to achieve true Excellence. The EFQM includes suggestions, which are not prescriptive, as to what kind of proof to use to demonstrate excellence in each of these areas.

The RADAR management logic

The RADAR logic states that, to be successful, an organisation must determine the required results (R) as part of its strategy making, plan and develop an integrated set of approaches (A) to deliver the required results, and deploy (D) the approaches in a systematic way to ensure full implementation. Then, it is needed to assess (A) and refine (R) these approaches by monitoring and analysing the results achieved, and, finally, identifying, prioritising and implementing appropriate improvements.

Benefits for organization leaders:

  • Help deliver the strategy
  • Understand what is important to do as a leader
  • Develop a unique culture where excellence is the norm

Benefits for managers:

  • See the link between strategy and operations
  • Engage employees in change
  • Lead improvements

Benefits for employees:

  • Provide their input to build a common direction
  • Understand the impact of their action
  • Contribute to progress

The EFQM owns the intellectual property of the EFQM Excellence Model

If you are ready to start a journey and climb the EFQM levels of excellence, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you and make it an experience you can be proud of.

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