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QPR EAXpress provides a comprehensive, desktop process modelling and analysis environment that is a great alternative to using business graphics tools for capturing process information. Flexibility, ease of use and powerful process modelling capabilities make QPR EAXpress an ideal and affordable choice for process, quality and compliance professionals that seek a more powerful and less maintenance-prone solution for documenting, analyzing and improving processes.

Using business graphics tools like Microsoft Visio, PowerPoint or SmartDraw to create and maintain process information soon results in the discovery that these tools can’t capture anything more than just the most basic process information.  In addition, these tools require significant effort to keep the process information up to date. Business graphics tools were never designed to provide anything else than support for creating pretty pictures of boxes and arrows; and therefore lend themselves poorly for capturing process information.

Process modelling tools like QPR EAXpress allow users to store elements of process maps, such as activities, departments, teams, roles and resources in a data repository as objects. This means that an element on a process map is not just a picture. Instead it is an object that can be reused conveniently on multiple process maps.  A change or update to such an element automatically updates all the instances of that element on all process maps where it is used. Furthermore, with process modelling tools, all the process maps are connected and organized in an automatically created hierarchy. This provides users with an end-to-end view of a business process and allows them to change the structure and organization of process maps without having to start from scratch each time.

Although process maps provide an excellent means for clearly communicating the flow of a process, its’ participants and involved resources, they come short in providing a complete overview of the assets used in the entire process model (e.g. all the information systems, databases, departments, documents, risks and controls used in the process model).  Custom model asset hierarchy views in QPR EAXpress provide better insight of the complete model and make managing and maintaining these reusable assets significantly more effective.

QPR EAXpress has the ability to link process documentation with external information sources and applications. This allows users to include policy documentation, task lists, templates, reports, regulatory information and multimedia content as part of the process information. The external information is made available via process maps through the modelling interface or through the HTML-based documentation.

In order to assist users in identifying opportunities for process improvement as well as making a choice out of different improvement alternatives, QPR EAXpress offers users the ability to simulate defined processes according to different parameter settings that include variations in resource availability, processing times, associated cost etc.

Users can also define the behaviour of the simulation by setting priority levels for resource allocation, entry and exit rules etc. Analysis of the simulation results with spreadsheet and graphical data can focus on such things as processing times, cost, lead times, quality cost or other, custom defined dimensions.

QPR EAXpress allows users to publish the modelled process information in HTML format and provides rich support for printing process information into hard-copies.

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Price for a single license: 345 EUR

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