Benefits of having clear and managed process architecture

Standardization and harmonization of practices

The non-ambiguous and easy to understand process flowcharts and instructions ensure that everyone will work the same way. Trivial errors will be reduced and the various popular quality standards will be much easier to be implemented.

Measurement and management of process performance

The association of appropriate performance measures to different process steps will enable the continuous measurement and analysis of process quality and of the contribution to strategy execution. It would be best if these measures can be chosen among the organization’s Balanced Scorecard, as it will demonstrate the alignment of processes and strategy.

Better coordination inside and between organization units

The modeling of processes will identify and demonstrate the points of collaboration between employees and organization units. It will be much easier to analyze the hand-off of work and to optimize staff interaction.

Alignment and synchronization of corporate strategy, organization structure, business processes and information systems

The strategy should be executed by appropriate business processes, integrated into an optimal organization structure. The graphical modeling and the performance measurement of processes will ensure that strategy, structure and activities will be analyzed as an integral system, which is the basis for the effective deployment of IT tools.

Identification and sharing of best practices

The creation of an entire database of process activities and measure results will enable the faster identification of best practices, their study and accelerated deployment in the rest of the organization.

Increased transparency and accountability

The detailed and informative process models could be an essential communication tool for partners, customers, shareholders, analyzers, media and etc. The sharing of this information, which usually remains hidden, will have a positive impact on the organization’s external image and reputation.

Support for improvement initiatives

Virtually all of the organization’s improvement projects will benefit from process orientation and the extensive process documentation. New versions of the process flowcharts can be published instantly and old versions will be archived. Performance measurement and process simulation will ensure that every aspect of the change remains under control.

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