Business Process Management adds focus, purpose and direction to your organization and provides a source for strategic competitive advantage by reducing your time-to-market, order-to-cash and operating costs while improving quality.

Any good process improvement initiative needs to start with a solid understanding of the “as is” process and documenting it in a format that is easy to understand by and share with all the participants of this process discovery phase. Process mapping and collaboration tools are imperative to the successful and swift completion of this important phase. Often people have differing ideas on what constitute best practices and may perceive the actual execution of an existing process in different ways. Collaboratively mapping the process creates commitment to BPM and gets everyone on the same page as it provides a unified understanding of how “broken” the existing process may be.

In order to understand the true value of a process you need to measure its performance against set targets that are aligned with the business strategy of your organization. Measuring the business performance of a process then provides the driver for launching a new cycle of process improvement initiatives and serves as an important facet of your periodical strategy assessment process.

Once the end-to-end process has been documented and measured against strategy, your organization can start improving it. Simulation tools allow the testing of process alternatives by mimicking reality and by providing an indication of the result in costs, cycle time, the allocation of resources etc. of a change in the design of the process.

And finally it comes to reengineer, build or acquire new IT systems for doing the business. We believe that technology comes last in sequence. Organizations should not invest in IT projects before they are confident that their processes are clearly documented, measured by strategic indicators and then optimized. Numerous cases have proven that “automation applied to an inefficient operation will magnify the inefficiency”.

Your organization’s capacity to create the value expected by the customers is highly dependent on the maturity of its processes. The consultants at Imbility are ready to assist you in becoming process-oriented, in adopting optimization approaches and in creating a culture of brilliant execution.

In addition, we are offering you the deployment of modern software tools to simplify and manage the process discovery, documentation, measurement, simulation and optimization.

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