Understanding of human nature is an important, however insufficient prerequisite for modern employee performance assessment in organizations. The skilled application of a suitable appraisal methodology would help to avoid various financial and interpersonal issues.

This is why, according to Harry Levinson in its 1970 Harvard Business Review article “Management by Whose Objectives?”, people motivation depends on the management focus on “performance measurement systems that mesh individual and organizational needs”.

The performance appraisal processes in the public sector are in compliance with the legislation in order to determine the level of professional skills of the employees in the state administration regarding the requirements specified in the job descriptions and the organizational rules. The assessment should be an integral part of the overall performance management on all organizational levels, all way down to the individual employee. It has to be clearly linked to employee compensation schemes and allow for rewards based on the contribution of staff to the organizational priorities.

In both private and public sector organizations performance appraisals are used to identify employee training needs, to plan professional skills improvement, to create and execute open and transparent career development procedures, to build trust between managers and team members and to stimulate collaboration.

How to design and plan the employee assessment processes with optimal cost and time efficiency? Which one is the most suitable methodology for the organization, taking into consideration the goals set for the appraisal process?

Imbility is providing consultancy assistance to public and private sector organizations in choosing the right methodology for employee performance assessment and in its implementation through best practice business processes.

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