Enterprise Architecture

An “architecture” is a rich and comprehensive description or understanding of the structure of a system - capturing the components and how they're connected or interact. Enterprise architecture (EA) is the term given to the system of applications, infrastructure, and information that support the business functions of an organisation, as well as the processes and standards that dictate and guide their evolution. Organisations around the world are realising that architecture is indispensable. Modelling and abstraction is a necessity for comprehending, communicating and creating complex systems. Enterprise Architecture is a powerful tool for aligning business strategy and IT strategy, simulation and assessment of development alternatives, integrated business planning and overall change management.

We are confident that we can assist you in modeling and managing an Enterprise Architecture that will enable your organization to maximise the value of IT investments, to identify critical risks, quantify their potential impact, and develop viable recovery and restoration strategies, to allow for efficient and effective regulatory compliance processes to be established, monitored and maintained, to assess the quality, quantity and completeness of information and processes regarding financial management and to build a solid foundation for implementation of IT process frameworks to initiate business alignment and provide a way forward for service delivery enhancements.

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