Hailed as one of the most influential performance management methodologies of the past 75 years, the Balanced Scorecard provides a proven framework for communicating and driving strategy at all levels of your organization. By translating strategy into objectives, measures, targets and initiatives, seen from multiple perspectives of your business, the Balanced Scorecard allows you to move away from an exclusive reliance on financial metrics. This allows you to act quicker and more appropriately to early indications of problems in the delivery of customer value, the execution of your operations or the management of resources, all of which influence your organization’s capability to gain financial return.

The Balanced Scorecard offers you the ability to communicate your strategy into clearly defined objectives on departmental, team and personal level, and gain feedback on its execution and validity.

Imbility and QPR Software are your one-stop-shop for full BSc solution. In addition to the software we offer all the services you need to make balanced scorecard work for your organization and optimize the value you obtain from it. Starting with Balanced Scorecard maturity assessment our service offering extends all the way to training individual employees in utilizing Balanced Scorecard as a tool to manage and steer their teams.

Deploying your Balanced Scorecard should always start from strategy mapping. Our experts facilitate strategy mapping workshops for your management team, helping them in visualizing the cause and effect relationships between strategic objectives. Equally important is the identification and development of the key performance indicators I order to enable measuring your achievement of those objectives.

After developing your strategy map and high level KPI’s it’s crucial to cascade your balanced scorecard to lower levels of the organization. Our consultants help you to make sure that each department and team has their relevant objectives and KPI’s.

Once your Balanced Scorecard is fully deployed there is still one more thing to do: To make sure that it becomes rooted as a part of your organization’s culture and regular management practices. This requires people to be trained and internal success stories to be communicated. We offer tested methods for making sure that Balanced Scorecard actually delivers on its’ promises.

The team at Imbility has the necessary knowledge and practical experience to design, develop and deploy your Balanced Scorecard. We will be happy if you tell us about the barriers in executing your strategy. Then we can find the best solutions collaboratively. We will demonstrate you a management tool for better employee alignment and focus towards reaching your goals and long-term vision.

In addition to our advice, we can offer you to customize a management information system which will be highly useful for everyone in the organization while working with the Balanced Scorecard.

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