QPR ProcessGuide

QPR ProcessGuide provides an organization-wide environment for modelling, analyzing, publishing and improving business processes and managing Enterprise Architecture. QPR ProcessGuide is unique in delivering a powerful and complete process management environment, while remaining as easy to use as the office productivity tools that business users work with daily. This makes it the perfect choice for organizations that strive to put their business-side users in the leading role of architecting and implementing operational improvement.

QPR ProcessGuide is flexible and supports multiple modelling notations simultaneously, it offers users different views into the process model based on someone's role, and powerful reporting and analysis make it suitable for many application areas. Customer case examples include Business Activity Monitoring, Enterprise Architecture, Quality Management, Standards Compliance and Lean Six Sigma.

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QPR ProcessGuideXpress

Process modelling software QPR ProcessGuide Xpress provides consultants, analysts, architects and process owners a powerful process modelling, documenting and analysis solution that is as easy to use as office productivity tools. With QPR ProcessGuide Xpress you create, maintain, and navigate process information drastically faster than when using business graphics tools and you enjoy all the process analysis capabilities you only find in dedicated process management software!

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