AppraisalThe implementation of a software solution to automate employee performance assessment processes can greatly reduce the time and materials needed, significantly improve the reporting and analysis functions, ensure transparency and process monitoring and optimization.

The employee performance assessment software system developed by Imbility is based on the QPR Software suite of management tools. The major feature of this solution is the built-in possibility for integration of corporate performance management, business process management and employee performance management in a single collaborative environment.

The cascading of the organization’s strategic goals down to specific individual employee targets and the assessment of the results shown can solve one of the most frequently encountered issues in organizations today – employees, and even sometimes managers, have no clear picture of how their own performance has an influence on process execution and on fulfillment of strategic goals.

The software solution that we offer is a convenient integrated tool that helps to link the individual contribution of employees to their teams and business units, aligned with the common objectives and the overall organizational strategy.

Imbility is delivering consulting and support services to organizations in both public and private sectors in the deployment and usage of software systems to assess and manage employee performance.

Employee Performance Assessment Software Screenshots

EPM - Graphical view EPM - Hierarchy Assessment Hierarchy Assessment Comment
Overall - Graphical view Competence assessment – values Work templates for assessment
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