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Simplifying Analysis for Everyone

QPR FactView arms users of QPR ScoreCard with betterinsight into operations and transactional data. It offers everything you would expect from a complete analysis solution without the limitations, cost or complexity normally associated with traditional Business Intelligence solutions.

QPR FactView simplifies analysis for everyone. The patented technology allows instant, in-memory manipulation of massive datasets on low-cost hardware, allowing affordable, widespread deployment of sophisticated analytic applications in days. QPR FactView’s click-driven, visually interactive user interface provides instant access to information, from top-level metrics all the way down to record-level detail, revealing unanticipated insights hidden in operational systems.

By taking a radically different approach to BI, QPR FactView allows business users to “self-service” themselves with truly ad-hoc analysis. QPR FactView creates a data universe of the performance and process related information in your existing systems or data warehouses. Its patented ad-hoc analytics, multi-dimensional drill-down capabilities, trend spotting, predictive analytics and in-memory association technology deliver quality results near instantly and provide your personnel with decision-making support, unmatched by any other BI solution.

QPR FactView is designed to hold the entire analysis application (data model included) in RAM, which makes it uniquely efficient compared to traditional OLAP cube-based applications. It creates an in-memory data model as it loads data from a data source, enabling it to access millions of cells of data and still respond to queries in less than a second.

QPR FactView requires little to no end-user training. Once familiar with it, users find it hard to work without it. The QPR FactView user interface is designed to provide perfect data overview in multiple dimensions, present data intuitively and to allow users to question anything and everything, from all types of objects (e.g. list boxes, graphs, tables) and to any aspect of the underlying data – regardless of where the data is locked in a hierarchy.

QPR FactView loads data directly from most data sources, any text or table data file, any data format, data warehouse or data mart and provides a plug-in model for loading custom data sources (web services). Able to handle a remarkable amount of data, there is no limit to the number of fields, rows or cells in a single table – QPR FactView can handle billions of unique values in a given field. RAM is the only factor that limits the size of an application, but due to the powerful compression and optimization capabilities, QPR FactView typically requires only 10% of the space required for the same data when represented in a relational model.

QPR FactView will allow your workforce to make better decision faster, improve your monthly, quarterly, annual and long-term planning direction, and provide for a more proactive, agile and responsive organization.

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