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Quick to Deploy, Flexible and Easy to Use Performance Management

Improving your organization’s performance starts with measuring it and gaining an understanding of the factors that influence it. In order to do this effectively, successful companies have expanded the exercise from just top-management to involve the entire organization and provide insight as to where the organization has been, where it is now and where management envisions it headed.

QPR Metrics offers your organization the fastest upgrade path from paper or homegrown office tool based performance reporting to organization-wide, automated performance management. Within a few weeks your entire organization will benefit from that availability of transparent performance information, performance context and online collaboration that engages all employees in continuous improvement.

QPR Metrics provides users with a complete overview of performance by allowing them to easily navigate across scorecard hierarchies. They can perform analysis by scorecard or across multiple scorecards, export analysis to Microsoft© Excel, bookmark often used portal pages, create custom views and even share bookmarks and views with other users.

Dashboards and strategy maps in QPR Metrics provide users with a high-level overview of performance, while drilling down to detailed performance information is only a mouse-click away. QPR Metrics enables you to create custom, role-based dashboards fast by composing them with the metrics of your choice and deciding on their visual presentation from a rich collection of available graph templates.

In addition to automatic and scheduled data aggregation from file and business systems, like ERP, CRM, SCM, OLAP, Data Warehouses and internal networks, QPR Metrics also allows users to enter performance data manually via the portal-based user interface. This offers you significantly more flexibility in the choice of your metrics and allows you to get started managing performance immediately.

QPR Metrics goes beyond just performance measurement and reporting by providing you with powerful online collaboration features. This allows employees to initiate and log comments, report problems and launch action plans. Normally organizations hide this information in people’s email inboxes but with QPR Metrics all collaborative content is logged with the performance history to provide users with context: why is performance poor and what are we doing – or did we do – to improve the situation?

Individual users and groups can be provided with different levels of access from scorecard level all the way down to individual metrics. QPR Metrics User Management also integrates with local user management systems via LDAP for centralized user management and to facilitate single sign-on.

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